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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind greenxcompany.com?

The founder of greenxcompany.com is the visionary Mark Thompson, he is a person with full experience in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, he has been collaborating since 2009 with Bitcoin Mining, with his degree in Electronics, Mark has been a very eficient investigator about cryptocurrency mining. It has reached the point where he decided to invest in a mining farm in Costa Rica where the main power source is Green Energy. Helping in Administrative duties, Mark has carefully selected a team of people who has been always involved in cryptocurrency scene, two of them are: Marco Sorrentino and Ignat Burov.

Is this legitimate Company?

Yes, we are incorporated as LTD company named: "greenxcompany.com"
To check this certificate please click HERE

How to join greenxcompany.com and do I need to pay something?

Please Register Here, fill in the registration form and then press "Register". You don't need to deposit anything or pay a fee for creating an account with us,

Can I own multiple accounts?

No , every account must have different owner. If in doubt always contact our support.

How I am going to be paid my mining rewards?

You should be logged into your account, then select "Withdraw" and apply for your withdrawal request, if you have your payment info and wallets filled correcty, you will receive it instantly .

Min and Max amount for purchasing a Mining Plan?

The minimum is $3 and the maximum for a single transaction is $100.000 . ** Remind: You can do multiple orders and will be accounted as separate transactions

How much can I earn with greenxcompany.com?

There is no maximum that you can earn with greenxcompany.com, for exact amounts please our our homepage calculator.

How do I start generating income?

We offer profitable mining packages, purchasing mining power in any of our mining packages is the first step for generating hourly income.

How do I do my first purchase of a Mining Plan?

You should create an account with us, if you already have one, then look for Purchase page and select the mining plan, further steps should be easy to complete from there.

What cryptocurrency is accepted?

We accept: Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Dash , Dogecoin , Litecoin .

How can I purchase with USD(F.I.A.T)?

You can purchase using Perfect Money and Payeer .

My purchase isn't credited instantly,what should I do?

If you used Perfect Money or Payeer, please contact our support. If you made a purchase using Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies, please wait until you get the required confirmations (3). It can take from 2 hours to 24 hours.

My withdrawal request is pending

We offer instant payments in our website, however, if your withdrawal goes to pending status, first check if your payment information is properly set, then allow us some time for processing it.

How can I change my payment information?

Once you already put it for the first time in your account profile, you need to contact our support for changing your wallet address or payment information, this is a security measure for our members, be ready to verify your identity.

Is your mining business profitable?

Yes, the use of green energy combined with the technology created by brilliant minds, we are able to profit every hour from our mining equipments.

How long are you going to be around?

As long the cryptocurrencies requires mining power and blockchain technologies exists, greenxcompany.com is going to be providing processability online.

How does the referral commission system works?

We have 4 different referral commission system and the amounts paid in each one varies depending on the plan that your referral made a deposit.
- (3.00% for the 1.18% Hourly Plan)
- (6.00% for the 0.5% Hourly Plan)
- (10.00% for the 2.5% Hourly Plan)
- (15.00% for the 6% Hourly Plan)

Do I need to make a purchase in order to earn Referral Commission?

No, you can earn Referral Commission even if you don't have an active mining package.

How can I refer people under my account?

You will need to use your referral link that can be found in Promotional Tools section at your member panel.

I have made a purchase and I don't see my earnings

After you made a purchase, you will start earning automatically right after the first hour that your purchase got credited inside our system. This is an automatic process.

This is our section for answering the most question that people have asked us already, we are constantly updating this section based on the feedback of our members. If your question is not resolved here, please contact us using our support form section. We will reply you via email as soon as possible.

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