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Please remember that it shall be assumed that when you register in our website, that you agree to the terms and conditions written on this page.
Questions and answers to your questions are available on the Frequently Asked Questions page or the FAQ.
When registering for an account, we require you to enter the a valid e-mail address for contact purposes. Please ensure as well that you use a unique password and a unique username for your account. Registration fields for payment information and processor accounts are not required to complete the registration process. The entry of these information can be done after the registration. Please be aware as well that you can only enter details in each processor field, once. Yes that is only once, and these fields become un-editable. If you will need to update these fields in the future for whatever valid reason, you will need to be in touch with us for assistance. When registering as well, please be advised that we suggest that you enter and keep your secret question and secret answer safe. These 2 fields will be the ones used like your access keys and will be asked from you whenever you have account queries, most especially when it entails editing of your account information for whatever reason you may have. We do not have restrictions for interested parties and individuals who wish to sign up for an account with us. It is the due diligence of the registrant or user to comply with his own local laws for tax purposes and others. It is imperative that you must be at least of legal age when participating in our company program.


When making a transaction with us, please understand and know that all transactions are final. A refund request cannot be submitted when you have already deposited. You should wait for the plan completion instead. The minimum deposit required is $5.00 for all plans and the maximum is $100,000. This means that the limit per transaction is those amounts. You can make more than $100,000 deposits but you would need to make each transaction $100,000 each. Our hourly plans credit and reflect the accounts hourly. This means that your account balance should be updated every 60 minutes or 1 hour from the time of your deposit activation. Do remember that cryptocurrency transactions require 3 confirmations before they get activated, just like any other program out there or website who accepts cryptocurrencies. Should your transaction not appear even after over 5 confirmations, please seek assistance from our support staff or directly to the administrator. PerfectMoney and Payeer transactions are always instantaneously activated.


Withdrawals on are instantly processed. This means that you do not need to wait for a long time for your withdrawal requests to get processed. We ensure our users that the instant payments we have on our program is safe. The minimum withdrawal for PerfectMoney and Payeer is $0.50 while it is $3.5 for all other cryptocurrencies that we accept. It is compulsory that each user ensures that their payout account information is valid and accurately entered before requesting withdrawals. If invalid details are set on an account, the transaction will not go through causing delays for your withdrawals to get processed. It is your responsibility to make sure that information is valid and has been entered on your profile to avoid delays and inconveniences for both the company and its users.


When your referral deposits in the 1.18% hourly for 90 hours plan, you get 3% .
When your referral deposits in the 0.50% hourly for 288 hours plan, you get 6% .
When your referral deposits in the 2.50% hourly for 48 hours plan, you get 10% .
When your referral deposits in the 6.00% hourly for 24 hours plan, you get 15% .
This commission can be withdrawn immediately upon credit or you may use the earned commissions as a new deposit from your account balance, provided that you have balance higher than the minimum for each plan.
We pay commissions even to those who do not have active deposits in their accounts. Deposits using account balance shall credit the referrers the corresponding commissions.


Users can only have 1 account per person. Creation of multiple accounts may lead to disruption of account usage and suspension of both the accounts and the funds in the affected accounts. Please do not cheat our referral program by creating multiple accounts to hoard commissions. We already pay a good percentage for commissions and it is expected that users will comply in full.


All information stored in our website is safe from extraction by anyone outside of our company. We will never sell or share this information to anyone.

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